CMMI Appraisals

CMMI Appraisals identify an organization's strengths and weaknesses in terms of process and allow the organization to earn a benchmark maturity level or capability level, which demonstrates quality and professionalism to customers and partners.

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Types of Appraisals

Benchmark Appraisal

Benchmark Appraisals identify opportunities for improving both process implementation and business performance. The emphasis is on a rigorous method capable of achieving high accuracy and reliable appraisal results. This appraisal requires a CMMI Certified Lead Appraiser to manage the appraisal team at the organization’s site.

Sustainment Appraisal

A Sustainment Appraisal provides organizations with more frequent insight and validation of their performance improvement with a reduced scope on the appraised organization. No more than three Sustainment Appraisals in a row may be conducted before another Benchmark Appraisal is required, provided all other requirements for the conduct of a Sustainment Appraisal are met. To maintain the previous rating validity, a Sustainment Appraisal must be completed and accepted by ISACA before the validity period of the prior appraisal validity date expires.

Evaluation Appraisal

Often used as part of an improvement effort to gauge progress and prepare for an eventual Benchmark appraisal, evaluation appraisals do not produce ratings. The primary intent of Evaluation Appraisals is a flexible, less formal approach to determine opportunities for performance and process improvement. It requires fewer activities than a Benchmark Appraisal, and helps an organization to understand, with a relatively high degree of confidence, its progress toward a target CMMI maturity or capability Level profile.

Unlock your organization's potential

  1. Prioritize Key Business Improvements. Plan an improvement strategy to prioritize the most critical business performance improvement.
  2. Optimize Acquisition and Delivery. Mitigate product and service acquisition, development, delivery, and monitoring risks.
  3. See your results. Appraisal results are available on the Published Appraisal Results (PARS) site.
  4. Assessing CMMI Conformance Levels. Determine the CMMI levels representing how well your organization’s processes conform to the CMMI.
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